Linguabox Terms of Use
Welcome to (herein refer to as the "Site"). Please read the following Terms of Use Agreement (herein referred to as the "Agreement") which will instruct you on gaining access to and usage of the Site. By making use of our website at, you (herein referred to as the "User") have read, understood and agree to these Terms of Use (herein referred to as "Terms of Use" or "Agreement").
Company's Responsibility
Linguabox provides an internet-based platform between tutors and students. We carefully vet all tutors through interviews and other screening processes. Linguabox also provides close supervision of recorded sessions to monitor the quality of the tutors and the lessons.
Modification of Platform and Terms of Use
Linguabox reserves the right to change and/or modify our services and the terms of use at any time without advance notification. Any modified Terms of Service will be publicised in an easy to read place on our website with an effective date replacing the old terms. Students should periodically see the latest service details which are at the sole discretion of Linguabox.
Care when using internet sites
Because this site includes links to other internet domains, Linguabox assumes no responsibility concerning the privacy policies of other such entities. Please be cautious when leaving our website and carefully read the privacy statements of those sites requiring any information that identifies you. Our privacy statement is applicable solely for data we require for the Linguabox website.
Teacher Availability and Student Absence
Linguabox cannot guarantee an individual tutor’s participation in a lesson for a particular dateor any unexpected performance disruption of the website. Any student who is absent without two hours prior notice before the lesson starts will not be refunded for that lesson or have it credited back to their account.
Account Privacy
Your registered personal information at Linguabox is subject to the Regulation of Personal Data Ordinance. However,once registered, you agree to authorise us to use your "Personal Registration Data" as a promotional item on the site, without any limitations. (You also agree to this site in part or all of the time necessary to show the "Registration Data" and not subjected to any copyright law and the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance restrictions.)
Student Accounts, Password And Security
After your membership registration process is complete, Linguabox will provide you with an account and password. Keeping this password confidential and the account secure is solely the responsibility of the student. Linguabox assumes no responsibility for the unauthorised use of any password or account for any Linguabox-related activities. Once registered with Linguabox you agree that if you discover any unauthorised use of your password or account, or any other related breach of security, you will immediately contact Linguabox. Failure to comply with this provision will exempt Linguabox of responsible for any resulting loss or damage.
Money-back Guarantee
The Linguabox ‘Money-back Guarantee’ is for first-time students only (not applicable for renewals or upgrades). Moreover, the lessons you purchase are non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Linguabox will refund any unused credits by cheque and charge 20% of the remaining tutorial fee.
Students Obligations
All students must act lawfully in compliance with the regulations of their country of residence. All students will assumefull responsibility for their actions, language and behaviour on thewebsite. Students must also be fully aware of all payment and fee obligations, and understand the penalties as well as Linguabox’s non-refundable policies for any absence. Students shall been tirely responsible making due payment. Moreover, Linguabox will not be responsible for any financial losses that may occur during transactions or through third-party owned software and programmes.
If you are found to have violated the Terms of Service or the rights of others from which a claim or demand may arise from any third party, including reasonable attorney’s fees, you agree to fully indemnify Linguabox and its partners for any damages.
Service Prohibition of Resale
Because Linguabox uses proprietary education materials, you agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or make any commercial profit or use any part of our services, or unlawfully provide access to ourservices.
When you have ended your lesson contract period or are found to be in contravention of any of the Terms and Conditions of Linguabox, all personal content related to you will be removed and deleted.
To ensure your data protection, the information you provide to Linguabox will be used solely and exclusively for tutoring and related administrative matters. Linguabox agrees not to transfer, sell, share, commercialise, lend or provide any of your personal or professional information to any third party.
Video recording usage
Session videos will be made available used by Linguabox to parents for a set period of time. Teachers and tutors understand and willingly agree that the videos in which they appear may be shared with the parents of students at any time. They also agree that, subject to their prior consent, the videos may be used Linguabox for any other purpose, free of any conditions or obligations.
Third-party owned software, content and links to third-party web sites
The Linguabox site may comprise third-party owned software and content as well as links to other websites. As such, Linguabox does not endorse, own, sponsor, or otherwise accept responsibility for any third-party software used in conjunction with our site. Linguabox does apply third-party owned software as a teaching support technology and has the right to use such software. However, Linguabox does not endorse, sponsor or otherwise accept responsibility for any problems, content or malfunctions related to any of the linked sites not directly managed by Linguabox.
Trademark Information
The Linguabox logo, product and service names are trademarks of Linguabox Limited (herein referred to as "Linguabox trademark"). No entity may display, in any form, use, dispose of claims or by other means apply "the Linguabox trademark" without prior consent nor to state or claim that they have the right to display, use or dispose by other means the "Linguabox trademark."
I expressly understand and agree that:
(a) I assume all risks when using Linguabox services, including computer virus infection, system failure due to the Linguabox site or losses caused by you or criminals using the sites, as well as any losses caused to tutors.To this end, you agree not to pursue any claim or make an indemnity against Linguabox. We will try wholeheartedly to maintain our site’s system reliability and take all measures to protect the lives and property of our tutors.
(b) Linguabox does not guarantee that the service information and content of the lessons provided by the tutors to parents or students will be entirely accurate or reliable.
c) The Linguabox site is not responsible for the well-being of tutors and students and all their actions during their lesson on the Linguabox platform.
d) Linguabox and the site will NOT accept or take responsibility on behalf of parents / students, or through site selection, employ any teacher directly or indirectly, for any loss or liability incurred.
e) Linguabox expressly bears no responsibilityfor tutors’, parents’ or students’ personal safety and personal interests pertaining to gains or losses beyond our control.
f) When using Linguabox site’s services or transactions, you should always do so with the utmost care to prevent fraudulent activities. Linguabox is not responsible for any loss to pupils due to fraud, viruses, or any other online-related harm.
g) If a dispute arises between a tutor and parents or students for any reason, and such disputes lead to claims, demandsor damage compensation (real or indirectly), Linguabox will assume no responsibility for such actions on the part of the tutor, parent or pupil.
h) Students must reserve a class at least 24 hours in advance, and all class credits must be used within a 8- month period from the date of purchase.
Before joining Linguabox as a student, please carefully read the Terms of Service and check the "Agree", box indicating that you accept all of the above terms and conditions of service. After you have completed this registration, you have accepted those terms which are legally binding.