Our Courses and Services
(4-8 years old) 30mins

Children learn how to make greetings and self-introductions, express colors, animals, fruits, etc. Teachers use Powerpoint and include fun games in the lessons.

Beginner 1
(8-12 years old) 30mins

Classes cover basic overview of Pinyin writing, the four Mandarin tones and basic strokes to create Chinese characters. Students learn answers to very simple questions related to daily topics through fun game playing. Children will begin to understand and use some of the most common Chinese phrases and sentences and gain the ability to further their Chinese language studies. After finishing this course, children will have the skills to pass YCT Level 1.

** For YCT test details, please visit the website: http://english.hanban.org/node_8001.htm **

Beginner 2
(12-15 years old) 30mins

As students advance, more complex material will be presented. Children will learn how to read and write simple Chinese characters. They will also be taught simple Chinese phrases and sentences to help cope with basic level communications. After finishing this course, children will have the skills to pass YCT Level 2.


Our Chinese teachers can design customized materials based on each child's specific needs and competency level.

Mandarin for adults

Course covers Chinese pronunciation,the Pinyin system, basic conversations like greetings and self-introductions. Students will also learn the basic structures of Chinese characters and understand short simple texts and phrases .

Certification Training
**by enquiry

Expert training for students who seek specific certifications in Mandarin